Bhartiya Vitta Salahkar Samiti (BVSS)

Bangalore Chapter

BVSS Bangalore Chapter Priority Work Areas

Based on thorough discussions within the Bangalore Team and keeping in view the overall objectives of the BVSS, following priority areas have been identified for BVSS Bangalore:

1. Thought Leadership & Advocacy on Economic Policy
Enabling discussion on contemporary issues of the Indian Economy and supporting the policy makers in development of sustainable economic models for the country by sharing White-papers, Representations, Memorandums to the Government representatives at State as well as National Level. Given the current scenario, following focus areas have been identified:

a. Issues and opportunities for Karnataka and other parts of India
b. Issues and opportunities for MSMEs
c. Issues and opportunities for StartUps
d. India as an Alternative to China in Global Supply Chain
e. Issues and opportunities Real Estate Sector

All of the above activities shall be done under “BVSS Economic Think Tank”

2. Thought Leadership & Advocacy on Corporate Governance

Addressing the issue of repeated financial crimes, black swan events, increasing scrutiny and liability on Boards and CXO’s, auditing failures and weak investor confidence; and enabling an elaborate dialogue to provide research-based solutions to the policy makers. All of these activities shall be done under “BVSS Corporate Governance Program” with following different groups / clubs:

i. Board of Director’s Club
ii. CXOs Club (CEOs / CFOs / CROs / CCOs / CHROs / CTOs)
iii. Auditors’ Club (External / Internal / Cost / Secretarial)
iv. Company Secretaries Club
v. Investors’ Club

3. Contemporary Issues of Professionals
Conducting various programs and issuing white papers to enable an effective gap analysis and development of research-based solutions to the contemporary issues of professionals in Finance, HR or Information Technology domain (e.g., CA Course curriculum, Discussion on Latest Regulatory Changes etc.)

All of the above activities shall be done under : BVSS Bangalore Members Club.

4. Finance Literacy
To improve the understanding of basic finance among the non-finance “influence” communities who are dealing with important finance data from time to time.

a. Finance for Policy Makers / Journalists
b. Finance for Key Decision Makers in organizations
c. Investor Education

Above activity be achieved by working on a thought through curriculum and various programs from time to time, and this activity shall be carried out under “BVSS Finance for Non-Finance Program”

5. Social Change for Nation Building
Conducting various programs on following themes:

a. Knowing our history (less known research-based facts)
b. Promoting Integrity, Values, and positive way of living in members
c. Promoting participation of Women in decision making / leadership roles
Above activity shall be achieved through “BVSS Nation First Program” and “BVSS Women Inspiration Program”


Name Designation Email ID Contact Number
Shri Naval Kishore Bajaj President [email protected] +91 9971110916
Shri G V Krishna Chief Advisor [email protected] +91 99451 08393
Shri Chetan Venugopal Member Executive Committee [email protected] +91 98450 35091
Shri Magadi Bhargav Member Executive Committee [email protected] +91 89040 08889
Smt Radhika T R Member Executive Committee [email protected] +91 99804 77048
Shri Sivaram Subramanium Member Executive Committee [email protected] +91 9971112838
Shri Anand Jangid Member Executive Committee [email protected] +91 96202 33516
Smt. Radhika Ananthakrishna Member Executive Committee [email protected] +91 99860 21480
Shri Shreehari Uloody Treasurer & Secretarial [email protected] +91 98950 38581